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Golf Balls

We are excited to start from now until forever, The Chris Pfeil Memorial Golf Tournament.  Chris' last wish was to have an Annual Memorial Golf Tournament in his honor to benefit our foundation.  We will provide College Scholarship Funds to two Hillsborough High School students anually for golf and softball. 

Chris was an extraordinary talented golfer and was incredibly proud of his daughters on the softball field. 

Chris was an athlete and devoted father to his beautiful girls.  Chris dedicated his life to his girls as he loved them more than life.  Chris' unwavering strength battling Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer was unparalleled and he found his strength in his one-of-a-kind love for his wife, Melissa and his girls.  Chris' entire family was of utmost importance to him, and he spent time with all of them, often, till his last breath.  Chris was also the most loyal friend one could want.  He was quick to play a prank and leave you laughing with his sarcastic wit. 

Chris was intelligent, kind, hardworking, and helped others selflessly.

Chris' wit and wisdom were rare to find in a man of such an early age.  We know Chris is proud of us for ensuring

his final wish became reality.  He may be gone from this earth, but never, ever, forgotten. 

We look forward to honoring him for years to come and we hope you will too.

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